La Gran Bicoca

The Gran Bicoca is a Christmas Basket valued at € 200,000 that contains quality products and services.

A single winner will win all prizes by buying the winning ticket that will coincide with the winning number of the first prize of the Spanish national lottery on December 22, 2018, "Extraordinary Christmas Draw 2018".

In the event that the prize ticket awarded with the first draw prize on December 22, 2018 has not been sold, the prize will be awarded to the corresponding ballot with the winning number with the second prize of the special lottery Christmas lottery Spanish national.

If this number has not been sold again, the winner will be awarded to the third prize of the same draw.

In the case, that even if no award ticket had been sold, the prize will be given to the beneficiary of the ticket that coincides with the fourth prize number of the aforementioned extraordinary Christmas draw of the Spanish national lottery, taking into account that this draw consists of two quarters, the award will take into account the order of appearance of these prizes in the aforementioned draw, because in the first option, the winner will be the one who has the ticket coinciding with the first number of the fourth prize appeared If no winner came out then the number of the second fourth prize would be taken into account and if there were still no winners, the same procedure would continue to seek coincidence with the eight winning numbers with the fifth prize of the same draw, He mentioned the order of appearance during the draw.

The same procedure will be applied in case the winner has to declare null, whether it is because the winner is a minor, and that the ticket is declared null and void by the competent body.

In the event that the period for accepting the prize has not taken place, the winning person has not appeared, Sant Eloi Estació Servei, SA will follow the same procedure as indicated for when the winning ticket has not been sold, If you accept and accept the prize for 7 calendar days beginning this procedure on January 23, 2019 at 24 hours.

And if that winner still does not come out, the totality of the prize will be delivered in equal parts to ASSANDCA and CÀRITAS of the parish of Sant Julià de Lòria.

The prize will be exhibited at the foot of the entrance façade of the Sant Eloi Mall, located on the Ctra. General of Spain s / n, in Sant Julià de Lòria, Principality of Andorra, on July 19, 2018 until the award of the prize to the winner of the draw.

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See the Draw Bases here.

Thanks for participating in the Gran Bicoca Draw, now we can only wish a lot of luck for the next December 22, 2018!

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